Thursday, March 5, 2015

No Movement on the Refund from Private Sewer and Water

Its been almost a week since Ron Janis agreed to refund a portion of the money he owes me for the job that he never finished. I haven't heard anything from him since.

I texted him this morning.

Me:   So what is the plan?  Did you send me a check?  Are you going to send me a check?  Do you want me to send you an epayment request?

Ron:  Do an epayment request, but it is contingent upon removal of all reviews.  By yourself and Jen.  I'm not being a jerk, its just what it is.

(Actually he is being a jerk.  He fully deserves those reviews and he knows it.  Whatever, I'll take them down if he actually returns the money he owes me.)

Me: I need your email address.  I'm happy to take down all reviews after you refund the money you owe me

(Who still uses aol?)
I send him an ePayment request.  It takes seconds to respond to an epayment.  He should have taken care of it this afternoon.   We'll see what happens.

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