Saturday, July 18, 2015

Another one of Ron's victims comes forward.

I recieved an email a few days ago from another one of Ron's victims.

I have PLENTY of info on this SCUM and he still does have his business in Addison, I also was contacted by currency exchange he CASHED my check at, and yes The reviews online YELP, Citysearch, and many OTHERS are all FAKE reviews he had someone do for him. He is over a year in the rears with the property he rents in Addison for his business and owes ALL of his employees weeks in back pay. 

I asked for more infomation, and how they knew all of these details

Long story short he knew my late husband and I needed work done and called him thinking he would be "safe"
To have work done by and he conned be into writing a check for work that he didn't start he then cashed the check before the funds has transferred at the currency exchange and never did the job. I canceled the check and I know one of his employees who told me
All crap he was into and then got a letter from ten currency exchange owner who I promptly called and told him the story he said he knew
Ron was a thief and Ron owes that guy about 20k
In bounced checks. We 3 way called Ron and the currency exchange owner went ballastic on him and I am working with him to press criminal charges against Ron. But his employee told
Me about the rent and not paying his employees. I choose to stay anyonmous because of pending criminal charges but he is truly a piece of shit

They followed that up a few days latter with a picture of the letter that they recieved from Ron.

Letter From Currency Exchange

Enclosed you will see a copy of a check that was cashed at Villa Park Curr. Exch.  The check was returned with a stop payment.  It was made payable to Private Sewer and Water which is owned by Ronald Janis Jr.  It was cashed by him.  Since he is a well known customer so there is not a forgery.  So Please contact me about this matter by the end of June or I intend to litigate this matter.

Sounds like the currency exchange guy was originally pissed at the customer for stopping the check, but then realized he was dealing with a scumbag who was probably taking advantage of people.

What I don't understand is what Ron does with all the money.  He should be rolling in it. He takes large sums of money from his customers and doesn't do the work to ear it.  Apparently he doesn't pay his employees, or his rent or his bills, so where does it all go?