Thursday, November 13, 2014

True to form, Private Sewer does not show up again.

As expected nothing actually happened today.    Ron said he would be out and he wasn't.    Par for the course.

One interesting thing that did develop is some other random customer of Ron's liked my review of his crappy customer service and posted the following exchange.

Its disheartening to see that she's willing to up him to 5 stars after he completes the process since that reinforces that his crappy behavior is OK, but maybe he's been more honest with her on what his actual work schedule ends up being.  We'll see if he actually completes the job in a couple weeks.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Ron Initiates Contact. Its a Miracle

So, Ron actually called me today.  He said he is going to be at another job in Berwyn tomorrow so he'll try to finish up mine as well. He had some convoluted plan of sending the guys to do the electrical in the morning, and then someone else to dig out the catch basin later so they didn't get all muddy before doing the indoor work, but he doesn't know exactly when they'll be here and yadda, yadda, yadda.

The fact that he actually called to try to set something up is shocking and almost made me think there was a chance this would get done.  But then I thought about who I was dealing with and all of the fuzzy indirect maybe plans of action that he presented and realized that there is still probably not much of a chance that he's actually going to do anything.

We'll see.  I plan on still moving forward with a lawyer, and small claims court if I have to.  If by some miracle he actually shows up tomorrow, then I'll stop the process, but I'm not delaying it anymore in hopes that he comes through this time.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

As expected no progress

Ron texted yesterday that he'd get back on schedule today.   And I told him neither one of us believed that.  Turned out I was right.  He had some other job lined up and had no intention of finishing ours.  Whatever.  I'm so done with him at this point. 

I did post on his Facebook wall just to let him know that I was still aware of his BS and that I want my money back.

See, I knew you had no intention of "getting back on schedule" today.  You already had something else lined up.  Why don't you just send me a check for the work I paid you for that you are unable to complete. It will save us both a lot of hassle. Its what normal companies do.  Its called not being a thief 

Monday, November 10, 2014

More of the Same. Private Sewer and Water No Shows. Ron Janis Lies.

Last night posted on Private Sewer and Water's Facebook page to remind Ron that he was supposed to be at my house at 8am this morning.

He didn't respond.  Which is typical, and wouldn't be noteworthy except that at 9 am this morning he texted me the following:

We'll be in your neck of the woods around noon.
Ron Adjusts Schedule Again
Ron Adjust Schedule Again
So either Ron knew that he wasn't going to show up and scheduled time anyway, or something else came up and he didn't bother to tell me until an hour after he told me he would be here.  Either way, its pretty unprofessional. But it doesn't end there.

Ron never actually showed up.  Instead around noon he posted picture of a sewer repair that he was doing at another house in Berwyn.  That's right, instead of finishing the job that I paid him for back in February, Ron Janis thought it would be better to start a new job and just not tell me that he wasn't going to show up.

That's the last straw.  Its obvious he has not intention of finishing the job and I'm not wasting any more of my time trying to get him to do so.  I posted the following to his Facebook page.
Are you kidding me?  After standing us up countless times you were supposed to come out Friday.  You rescheduled to this morning at 8 am.  At 9 you rescheduled to noon.  Then we never heard from you again. Instead of completing the job you were paid for months ago you started a new one a few blocks away.
We're done playing games with you Ron.  We're going to hire someone competent to finish the job you started. You can expect to hear from our lawyer shortly.  You can also expect your online reviews to take another hit.  Anytime you want to cut us a check for the work we paid you for that you refuse to complete we'll halt the process.  If not we'll see you in court.
Ron texted me back reasonably quickly. If only he would respond to regular customer calls as quickly as he responds to complaints on his Facebook Page.

Job took longer than expected, not much we can do about that. We can however get back on track tomorrow, just don't threaten me with slandering comments. I've already seen your bogus reviews and I believe it's a waste of time to keep doing that. Plus we can really care less about a few false reviews. We can resume tomorrow or not. That's up to you. I suggest you talk to your lawyer about that one. Till then, we'll be waiting to hear from you! We look forward to wrapping up your project!

So much BS there I don't even know where to start.
  1. Job took longer than expected, not much we can do about that.  - Actually there is lots you can do about that.  You can start my job first since you told me you would and I already paid you months ago.  You could learn to estimate time since you've been doing this for 20 years.  You could tell me that you aren't going to show up so I don't sit around waiting for you.
  2. We can however get back on track tomorrow, just don't threaten me with slandering comments. I've already seen your bogus reviews and I believe it's a waste of time to keep doing that. Plus we can really care less about a few false reviews. - He has no intention of getting on track tomorrow any more than he planned on finishing today.  He doesn't know what slander means.  He got pretty pissed off about my review on Yelp, and he's submitted a number of fake positive reviews.
  3. We can resume tomorrow or not. That's up to you. I suggest you talk to your lawyer about that one. Till then, we'll be waiting to hear from you! We look forward to wrapping up your project! - Again, countless times we've tried to finish the project and Ron has never shown up. He didn't bother to try to reschedule today when he missed the appointment.  He's not coming and he knows it.  I like how he's also trying to put the onus back on me to finish the job.  Like I haven't been bending over backwards to accommodate him for almost a year.

I responded with the following.  I would bet almost anything that he doesn't show.  Any takers?
There's plenty you could do. You could start my job first. You could learn to estimate your time better.

I don't think you know what slander means. Also I'm not sure what you think is false or bogus about my reviews. I paid you for a job, you continually fail to complete it. I've seen others give negative reviews for much less.
I'm not threatening you. I've exhausted all other other options and I'm sick of you wasting my time. I don't appreciate being taken advantage of.

We both know you have no intention of coming out tomorrow. If you want to pretend that you're going to do you job then fine. Text me when you're on your way. I'll believe it when I see it.

Friday, November 7, 2014


Yesterday I posted on Private Sewer and Water's Facebook page reminding Ron that he committed to finishing the job at my house today. 

But I have a problem.  My wife had planned to go to my mother's today so that she could do some freelance while my mother watched my daughter.   Which means no one is going to be around when Ron is supposed to show up.   Chances are that Ron is not going to show up, but I can't allow him to claim that he tried to finish the job but we weren't here. That would give him months of time to delay and pretend that he had the high ground.

So I posted on their wall again this morning. 

Hi Ron.  Just wanted to remind you that you committed to finish the job at my house later today.  My wife will be running errands through out the day so please text me when you are on the way, or know the exact time you are going to show up so that we can make sure someone is around.

So now on the off chance that he actually does show up when he said he'll show up I can go home an meet him there.  I had a bunch of meetings scheduled that I really couldn't afford to miss, but I need to get this project done, so I'll go home if I have to.

Around 1:30PM I get the following text. 

We have to move you to Monday, sorry.  First thing though.
So around 8.

So, there you have it.  If you bet on Ron postponing his commitments you win every time.  We'll play the game on Monday.  On the plus side Ron actually told me that he wasn't going to show up today and tried to reschedule rather than just disappearing.  Small victories.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

More Empty Promises from Ron Janis

As I said last post, I had to resort to posting to Private Sewer and Water's Facebook page in order to get any sort of response from them.

I posted:

Still waiting on you to schedule completion of the job I paid you for back in February.  Do you even believe the promises that you make or do you just say stuff and then immediately forget about it?  Anytime you want to write me a check for the work I paid for that you refuse to do I can leave you alone.

Ron texts me back.

Ron:  Your a madman. Friday midday.
Me:  Mad is an understatement
Ron:  So your happy???!!!!

I can't tell if I'm being trolled or if Ron actually thinks he's funny, or he just doesn't grasp the English language.

Once Again, no contact from Private Sewer and Water

At the end of the day last Friday I asked Ron when he was going to finish the job I paid for back in February.  He texted a response that he would definitely do it this week, the week of November 3rd.

It is now almost noon on Wednesday and I have not heard anything from him.  I texted him yesterday right after work to verify/remind him that he was going to come out this week and that it would be nice if he scheduled a time.

I guess I'll try posting to Facebook.  Again.

I have no doubt that Ron has no intention of finishing the job this week.  This is just further evidence that Ron Janis is a liar and a thief.