Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Ron Janis Jr Fails to Pay Rent at his New Venture

I received an email this morning with an update on Ron's behavior at the new plumbing store that he is trying to set up.

Here's another piece of comedy regarding the business man of the year, Mr. Ron Janis. He began renting this building in August and had no problem moving in and telling everyone about his great new business venture. However, he never bothered to pay rent and after 3 months he received this on the door for all to see and presumably laugh at. I think that may be a new record fort his eviction notice after only 3 months! Wow, that's impressive to even the biggest of losers and scam artists.

People must not run credit checks before leasing out storefronts these days.

The email also contained the following picture:
Ron Janis Jr. Eviction Notice
Ron Janis Jr Eviction Notice

The notice reads:

October 22,2015

Landlords Five Day Notice

Ron Janis Jr
9 S Park Ave
Lombard IL, 60148

Re:  Lease of 7 & 9 S Park Ave, Lombard IL 60148

You are hereby notified that there is now due to Landlord, the sum of $2625.00, being rent for the above referenced premises, together with all buildings, sheds, closets, out-buildings, garages, and other structures used in connection with said premises.

You are Notified that payment of the amount due is now demanded of you, and that unless the entire payment is made on or before the expiration of five days after the service of this notice, your right to possession of the premises will be terminated immediately.

Only the full payment of the rent demanded in this notice will waive the Landlord's right to terminate your possession of the premises under this notice, unless the Landlord agrees in writing to continue the lease in exchange for receiving less than the full payment.

$2625 doesn't seem like much for a storefront.   Especially since I've heard of at least three instances of Ron ripping people off for that amount or more in the last week or two.   What does he spend his money on?

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Ron is at it Again

A visitor left the following comment over in the Excuses page this afternoon.  Looks like Ron is still at it.

We needed sewer work done at a Marathon gas station we are building in Lake Zurich and we had the village inspector recommend us RON. I did not look into the company because he was being recommend from a good source. We gave Ron a deposit of $2,800.00 and he cashed it the same day. It's been three weeks now and Ron has not came in to work he just kept giving excuses of why he could not come in. I've had to call him from 10 different numbers just to get him to answer. His contract says R.Janis nothing about private sewer and water Corp. probably because he is getting smart and does not want people to google him. I've asked for a refund and he just says I'll call you back in 5 minutes and nothing. 

Hopefully she reported back the village inspector to warn him not to recommend Ron in the future.  Its amazing how much good will Ron can ruin in such a small amount of time.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Another Victim Story

I received the following email recently.  This is from the one of the Yelp Reviewers I've posted previously.  The story sound eerily familiar, just more sever then any I've heard so far.

Back in May I found your site after our friend referred Ron Janus and Private Water and Sewer to us for our tie in to Lake Michigan/City of Addison Water and Sewer. We had well and septic, and our septic tank was leaking into the storm sewers, health department was called, all that good stuff.  We paid Ron small amounts in May and June-  and my husband and I noticed that he went from our house straight to the bank to cash the checks (made out to him personally).   While Ron was at our house explaining how things would be done, I was on Yelp and saw all the reviews and found your page.    Ron has done the same thing to us as he has to everyone else.  Of course my husband’s father ALSO paid Ron a portion of the money due, so he was paid the full job amount.  

We didn’t hear from Ron for a few months.  We called and called. We tried to find his office. We called from different numbers.  Finally, in SEPTEMBER!, Ron and his crew were out to start the work.  (Mind you, during the summer they were dropping off forklift type digging machine, picking them up, dropping them off, etc.)  They started the job, incorrectly tied into the sewer (even though there were specific instructions on the tie in materials), and that was it.  We are still waiting for the sewer tie in to be fixed and the water tie in to be completed. Meanwhile, our yard and our neighbor’s yard are dug up.  And our permit expires 11/28/15.  The meeting for annexation for us to become a part of Addison is in December.  Without having all of this done, we ultimately lose our house.  And DAILY Ron has been saying, “We will be there later!” or “Tomorrow morning.”  My husband calls him sometimes 30 times in a row before he answers.

Today, Friday November 13, 2015 Ron and Sam confirmed they were working on a new job. I can only assume it means that they stole from yet another person. There has to be a better way to get the news out about this company and this thievery.   In the meantime, we need a contractor. Any referrals would be greatly appreciated.  Bonus- Ron IS a licensed plumber, and he has the permit pulled, so they can work under that permit.   I also started a Go Fund Me page to try to collect money to pay a new contractor so we don’t end up on the street.  (we live in a ranch with in-law arrangement, my husband and I, our 2 kids and his 65 year old dad with COPD and a heart condition).

Lots of good stuff there.   If by good you mean scumbaggish.

  1. Cashes the check 5 minutes after he has it.  At this point its already too late.  You're going to get screwed.   I fell for this too, but this is exactly why you don't pay a contractor until the job is done.
  2. The old I'll be there first thing tomorrow routine.  Classic.
  3. Dropping off and picking up machinery without actually doing any work.  I've heard that Ron got evicted from his workshop. It sounds to me like he was using their yard as a storage facility.  It would have been hilarious if they called the cops and had the equipment impounded for being illegally parked on their property.
  4. Starting a new job before finishing the job he was paid for.  
  5. Doesn't answer the phone for paying customers. 
  6. Actually got a permit  This I find hard to believe.  I'm fairly certain Ron is not licensed.  I wonder whose license he used to get the permit.

I wonder what Ron does with all the money he steals.  I've heard that his equipment is getting repossessed and he's getting evicted from his workshops so it obviously isn't going there.  I've heard he owes his employees weeks of back pay so its not going there.   I'm pretty sure his house is being foreclosed on so its not going there.   Maybe he owes a large sum to the mob and this is the only way he can get it to them.  I can't figure out what else he could be using it for.

If you've found this page because you or someone you know has also been victimized by Ron Janus or the Private Sewer and Water Corp and you can spare a few bucks to someone who is also in your situation check out the gofundme page they set up that I  linked to above.  It sounds like they got hit worse than most of us.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Lombard Plumbing and Supply - Ron Janus' New Scam

This is the third person to contact me about Ron Janus' treachery in the past week alone.  Either my site is getting really popular or Ron is getting extra scummy.  Anyway, apparently word has gotten out on the Private Sewer and Water Corp so Ron is trying a new tactic. 

 First of all, great job on the website. People need to be warned of this predator and protect themselves from this criminal. The main reason I'm writing is to let you know that he is at it again and people need to be aware. We all know about Private Sewer and Water. As of November 2nd, he has now been evicted from his third location. Now he is in the process of trying to open a new business in downtown Lombard, IL. He is opening a retail store for plumbing supplies and residential plumbing services (for anyone who may be interested in hiring a unlicensed, uninsured, unbonded plumber). The new name of the scam, I mean business is...Lombard Plumbing and Supply and is located at 9 South Park Avenue Lombard, IL. He is also continuing to run Private Sewer out of this location because he has nowhere else to go. All of his machines have been repossessed and he now has to resort to borrowing equipment because no one will rent or sell him anything due to his payment history. I know all of this information because I was hired to do a majority of the rehab work in this new building on Park Avenue and surprise, surprise, after I completed the work...Ron was nowhere to be found to pay me. He refuses to answer phone calls or texts and is a coward, thief, and mainly a drain on society.

 At the very least, the good thing about Ron opening this new "business" in Lombard is that he should now be relatively easy to find for the hundreds of people he has wronged and the others he owes money and services to.  Especially since he drives around in that pink Private Sewer van and parks it in front of his new store. I added a pic at the bottom of this email.

  I hope this info helps and keeps at least one person from getting manipulated and scammed by this loser.

Monday, November 16, 2015

More Feedback About Ron Janus

I received this email this evening.  I don't know the exact back story, but I'm pretty sure I know more or less what happened.

From: M.T.
To: Private Sewer Blogger