Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Still no word from Ron Janis on Finishing the Job.

Its the last day of the Month.  I haven't heard from Ron since the 24th when he said he was going to send someone out to start finishing the job that I paid him for back in February.

I remind him that this is the last day he has before I start submitting more reviews. 

No Response.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Private Sewer and Water Continues to Avoid Completing their job

No contact from Ron today.   I posted on Facebook that he has until the end of the month to finish the job or I post negative reviews on every review website I can find.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Ron Janis - Fails to Show Up Again.

Ron said he would be here promptly at 11:30 today to complete the job that I paid him for in full back in February. He was finally going to finish in exchange for me removing a negative Yelp review.

At 12:15 he calls to say he is going to try to shoot someone over to dig out the catch basin so he can tie it off later today or tomorrow.  So much for promptness.   And as you can expect he never actually showed up.

I got home around 8:00pm and texted him that this is why he gets bad reviews.  He never follows through on anything.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Private Sewer No-Shows Because I gave them a bad review for No-Showing

The Private Sewer Corporation was supposed to be at my house around noon today.  I hadn't heard or see anything from them by 2pm, so I gave Ron a call.  I got Voice mail, but Ron calls back right away.  Of course he can't hear anything I'm saying. Seriously, how can you run a business with a non-function phone?  This is getting ridiculous.    I texted him asking for a status update and if he is coming or not.  No response.

When I got home from work I called Ron from my home phone.  He answered, I'm guessing because he didn't recognize the number on his caller ID.  I asked him what happened today.

He sighs and says he got tied up.  Then he says he saw that I lit him up on Yelp so he didn't feel like coming out. 

I asked him what he expected me to do, and he counters with he's going to come out promptly (his word) at 11:30 tomorrow.  When he got there I was to delete the review and then he would finish the job.

Fine.  Whatever it takes to get him out here.  I can always put the review back up if he does a crappy job.

Its somewhat telling that Ron he can't seem to find time to finish a job that has been paid for long ago, or even bother attempting to schedule a completion date, but when the image of his company is called into question he can suddenly drop everything.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Private Sewer Misses another Opportunity to Finish the Job.

I called Ron on the way to work this morning. He said he was on his way to the shop but he thought he would be able to squeak me in this afternoon.  He would call in 30-45 minutes to verify.

By noon I hadn't heard back, so I called again.  As is fairly common his voicemail box is full.

I called him again after work.  Once again his phone sounds like he's underwater.  I don't what he did to it, or if he is just screwing with me.  Says he'll call me right back.

Ten minutes later  he texts me asking if Thursday will work. I respond what is wrong with Tomorrow (Tuesday)  Seeing as I've already paid in full I should go to the head of the list.  He says it would have to be around noon, which I agree to.

So once again Ron Janis, and the Private Sewer Corp have completely ignored a paying customer and managed to avoid completing the work that they have paid to do.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Yelp Review Submitted

I posted a review on Yelp today.  Private Sewer and Water currently have two stars. Of the twenty plus reviews posted, only  a handful are accepted.  The others are negative or obvious fake reviews that Ron submitted.   Its too bad he puts more time into making up reviews for himself than to serving paying customers that would have written those positive reviews for him. 

Good customer service is the best publicity.  Ron keeps deleting my Facebook comments because they show crappy his customer service is, but he can't delete reviews.  There's a price to pay for being a lying unprofessional scumbag.  He may think he can take advantage of people, but I don't think its going to be worth the amount of effort that he is putting in to avoiding his commitments.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Private Sewer Still Ignoring Responsibilities

I called Ron this morning and left him a Voicemail to see if he was coming out today.  I was 99.98% sure he wasn't going to come out, but I want to make sure he knows I'm not going away.

As expected, he ignores the voicemail.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Ron Janis tries to run out the clock

I called Ron twice this morning.  Got voicemail both times.  I posted to the Private Sewer and Water Facebook page.  No response. 

On the way home from work I called again. Ron actually answered, but it sounded like he was underwater.   He couldn't hear me.  I hung up and called back, over and over and over.  Voicemail every time.

Finally I just left a message stating how disappointed I was that I had been stood up three times this week.

Ron texts that he'll call me in fifteen minutes.  He never calls.  I'm pretty sure he was just stalling until the end of the work week so that he could hit reset on his schedule and pretend that he doesn't have an obligation to finish the job that he was paid for months ago. 

What a slimeball.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Private Sewer No-Show: Thursday Edition

I should have known better than to let Ron have a free day in between the last time he missed his scheduled appointment and the next time he is supposed to show up, but we had stuff scheduled throughout the day on Wednesday.

They were supposed to come out between 8:30 and 9:00 this morning.  This is after standing us up on Tuesday, and before that on Friday.  And more times than I can count in the months since we paid back in February.

At 9:45  Ron calls me to say that they are finishing up a job that they started yesterday and that they will head out to our place after that.

This is just another example of how little respect Ron Janis has for his paying customers.  He was supposed to be at my house by 9 AM.  He knew at the end of the day yesterday that he wasn't going to make his scheduled appointment, yet rather than letting me know then so we can adjust our schedule, he waits until 45 minutes after he is supposed to be here to let us know. 

At 3:30 I haven't heard anything from Ron so I give him a call, and get voicemail.    Ron texts me saying that they are just finishing up and then they will head out to my house.  I text back pointing out that it is pretty late in the day and he's pretty far from my house, is he sure he's going to make it.  As is typical I get no response.  Also they don't show up.  Why am I not surprised?

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Ron Janis Lies again. Yet another No-show from Private Water and Sewer

The Private Sewer and Water company was supposed to be at my house between 8 and 9 this morning.  This is after standing us up last Friday and countless other times since we paid them in full back in February.

By 10am haven't seen or heard from them.  I posted to their facebook page on how unprofessional they are.

At 3PM  Ron calls and claims that they showed up, but we weren't there.   This is a bunch of crap for a number of reasons.

First my wife waited around until at least 10am.  Meaning they were at least an hour late.  They didn't bother to call to let us know they were running late.  They didn't respond to our attempts to contact them.   After months of no-shows, there is no way that we are going to wait around in hopes that they actually show up.

Second, my wife was literally just across the street at the park.  If they had called or made any effort what so ever to contact us, she would have been back at the house in under five minutes.

Finally, Ron has repeatedly stated that we don't need be around for him to do the catch basin work.  The fact that he didn't do that indicates that he was only prepared to do half of the work he owes me at best. 

The bottom line is that Ron Janis is not to be trusted. 

As I'm yelling at him he suggests that we should just pick a time for them to come out.  I point out that we already did that.  It was earlier today between 8-9 and he didn't show up.   He says he'll come out on Thursday between 8:30 and 9:00.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Private Sewer and Water No-Shows Again.

Today was the epitome of dealing with Ron Janis and the Private Sewer and Water Corporation.  They were scheduled to come out today to finish the job.  This is a job that I paid them for back in February. 

I called when I got into work to find out what the plan is.  Ron says he'll talk to the guys and call me back in five minutes.

After thirty minutes I haven't heard anything so I call back.  Ron says they are coming up with a battle plan and he'll call me right back.

Two hours later I haven't heard from him so I give him a call again.  I get voicemail.

Four hours later its almost the end of the day and I haven't heard back from him.  I get voicemail again. 

So I resort to posting on Facebook that he failed to meet his commitment again.    Ron texts if Tuesday between 8 and 9 is ok.  I accept.

I've said it before and I'll say it again.  Do not pay Ron Janis or the Private Sewer and Water Corp before they finish a job.  They will lie to your face.  They will tell you exactly what you want to hear just to get you off the phone, then continue to ignore you.  If they aren't going to be making any more money from you then they have no interest in you.  Ron has absolutely no respect for other people's time or schedule, with the possible exception of the chance that he may be able to get money out of you.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Ron Janis is Rude to Customers

I still haven't heard back from Ron even though he told me last week that he would contact me early this week to schedule the completion of the job that I paid for over eight months ago.   I gave him a call on the way home from work.

He answers the phone with "I hope you don't expect me to come out tomorrow"  (It is supposed to storm pretty bad tomorrow so I think he thinks he's going to get a lot of flood crisis business).

First of all, that is not how should talk to a customer, especially one who you have been continually screwing over since February.  Second of all, why would I not expect him to come out tomorrow?  I've paid for a job to be done.  It is completely reasonable to have an expectation for that job to be finished.

I told him it didn't have to be tomorrow, but he needed to pick a day and show up to finish the job.  He agreed to come out on Friday the 12th  I told him I would call that morning to confirm.

Still No Word From Ron

Ron hasn't returned my call so I leave him another voicemail.

Monday, September 8, 2014

No Word from Private Sewer and Water on Scheduling the Completion of the Job

If you recall last week Ron told me that he would call early this week to schedule the completion of the job that I paid him for back in February.  I hadn't heard from him at the end of the day so I gave him a call and left a voicemail.  He did not return my call.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Ron Janis Actually Sort of Commits to Maybe Finishing a Long Overdue Job

I was finally able to get ahold of Ron today.  Most unexpectedly he actually answered his phone.  I asked when he planned to finish the job that I paid him for  He told me that his Mexicans were getting back from vacation and he'd have a better idea next week. (his words not mine).  He said take a three weeks of vacation to go to Mexico every year and now that they are getting back he should have time to finish the job.  I should give him a call early next week so he can figure it out.

Of course his crew being on vacation hasn't stopped him from working on other jobs during the summer.   And as usual he is just making it up as he goes along.  He has no idea what his next week is going to look like and by the time it gets here he's probably not going to remember that he committed anything to me.