Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Ron Janis is Rude to Customers

I still haven't heard back from Ron even though he told me last week that he would contact me early this week to schedule the completion of the job that I paid for over eight months ago.   I gave him a call on the way home from work.

He answers the phone with "I hope you don't expect me to come out tomorrow"  (It is supposed to storm pretty bad tomorrow so I think he thinks he's going to get a lot of flood crisis business).

First of all, that is not how should talk to a customer, especially one who you have been continually screwing over since February.  Second of all, why would I not expect him to come out tomorrow?  I've paid for a job to be done.  It is completely reasonable to have an expectation for that job to be finished.

I told him it didn't have to be tomorrow, but he needed to pick a day and show up to finish the job.  He agreed to come out on Friday the 12th  I told him I would call that morning to confirm.

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