Friday, September 19, 2014

Ron Janis tries to run out the clock

I called Ron twice this morning.  Got voicemail both times.  I posted to the Private Sewer and Water Facebook page.  No response. 

On the way home from work I called again. Ron actually answered, but it sounded like he was underwater.   He couldn't hear me.  I hung up and called back, over and over and over.  Voicemail every time.

Finally I just left a message stating how disappointed I was that I had been stood up three times this week.

Ron texts that he'll call me in fifteen minutes.  He never calls.  I'm pretty sure he was just stalling until the end of the work week so that he could hit reset on his schedule and pretend that he doesn't have an obligation to finish the job that he was paid for months ago. 

What a slimeball.

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