Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Private Sewer No-Shows Because I gave them a bad review for No-Showing

The Private Sewer Corporation was supposed to be at my house around noon today.  I hadn't heard or see anything from them by 2pm, so I gave Ron a call.  I got Voice mail, but Ron calls back right away.  Of course he can't hear anything I'm saying. Seriously, how can you run a business with a non-function phone?  This is getting ridiculous.    I texted him asking for a status update and if he is coming or not.  No response.

When I got home from work I called Ron from my home phone.  He answered, I'm guessing because he didn't recognize the number on his caller ID.  I asked him what happened today.

He sighs and says he got tied up.  Then he says he saw that I lit him up on Yelp so he didn't feel like coming out. 

I asked him what he expected me to do, and he counters with he's going to come out promptly (his word) at 11:30 tomorrow.  When he got there I was to delete the review and then he would finish the job.

Fine.  Whatever it takes to get him out here.  I can always put the review back up if he does a crappy job.

Its somewhat telling that Ron he can't seem to find time to finish a job that has been paid for long ago, or even bother attempting to schedule a completion date, but when the image of his company is called into question he can suddenly drop everything.

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