Monday, September 22, 2014

Private Sewer Misses another Opportunity to Finish the Job.

I called Ron on the way to work this morning. He said he was on his way to the shop but he thought he would be able to squeak me in this afternoon.  He would call in 30-45 minutes to verify.

By noon I hadn't heard back, so I called again.  As is fairly common his voicemail box is full.

I called him again after work.  Once again his phone sounds like he's underwater.  I don't what he did to it, or if he is just screwing with me.  Says he'll call me right back.

Ten minutes later  he texts me asking if Thursday will work. I respond what is wrong with Tomorrow (Tuesday)  Seeing as I've already paid in full I should go to the head of the list.  He says it would have to be around noon, which I agree to.

So once again Ron Janis, and the Private Sewer Corp have completely ignored a paying customer and managed to avoid completing the work that they have paid to do.

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