The following is a list of excuses that Ron Janis has given me for why his Private Sewer and Water Corporation failed to show up for scheduled appointments after I have already paid them.

  • Its too cold:  At the time this seemed reasonable.  It was February and subzero temperatures.  If only I knew then what I know now.
  • Its raining:  On more than one occasion Ron has bragged on his Facebook page about how they work in any kind of weather.  Unless of course you have already paid him. Then there is no weather that is good enough to actually do work.
  • It might rain:  See Above.
  • Its not going to rain:  Yes this contradicts the two above.  When its not raining Ron likes to start new projects.  There is no money in completing projects that you have already been paid for.
  • ...:  That's right nothing.  This is a favorite of Ron's.  Don't show up, don't call, don't reschedule, just don't communicate in any way and let the customer try to track him down.    
  • The Truck Broke Down.    The adult version of the dog ate my homework.
  • We're having a maintenance day.  AKA Instead of doing work we're just going to screw around at the shop.
  • My Mexican's are on Vacation.  Yes he actually said that.
  • I Got Tied Up:    He was supposed to be at my house first thing in the morning, instead he started a new job and it took longer than he expected so he didn't have time to get to me.
  • The Job Took Longer Than Expected:  See above.
  • You Left Me a Bad Review:   After months of Ron lying and not showing up to complete the job when he said he would I left a negative review on Yelp.  Because of that he did exactly what I complained about on Yelp and didn't show up for a scheduled appointment.  
  • They'll be There in an Hour.   This is just a stall so he can use the job took longer than expected a few hours later.
  • They're on Their Way.  Really they're not, but by the time you figure that out he'll be done for the day and can start a whole new round of excuses the next day.


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  2. Hi Julie. Thanks for your story. Unfortunately it sounds all too familiar. Hopefully you can warn that village inspector about Ron so that he doesn't continue to recommend him.