Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Ron Janis Jr Fails to Pay Rent at his New Venture

I received an email this morning with an update on Ron's behavior at the new plumbing store that he is trying to set up.

Here's another piece of comedy regarding the business man of the year, Mr. Ron Janis. He began renting this building in August and had no problem moving in and telling everyone about his great new business venture. However, he never bothered to pay rent and after 3 months he received this on the door for all to see and presumably laugh at. I think that may be a new record fort his eviction notice after only 3 months! Wow, that's impressive to even the biggest of losers and scam artists.

People must not run credit checks before leasing out storefronts these days.

The email also contained the following picture:
Ron Janis Jr. Eviction Notice
Ron Janis Jr Eviction Notice

The notice reads:

October 22,2015

Landlords Five Day Notice

Ron Janis Jr
9 S Park Ave
Lombard IL, 60148

Re:  Lease of 7 & 9 S Park Ave, Lombard IL 60148

You are hereby notified that there is now due to Landlord, the sum of $2625.00, being rent for the above referenced premises, together with all buildings, sheds, closets, out-buildings, garages, and other structures used in connection with said premises.

You are Notified that payment of the amount due is now demanded of you, and that unless the entire payment is made on or before the expiration of five days after the service of this notice, your right to possession of the premises will be terminated immediately.

Only the full payment of the rent demanded in this notice will waive the Landlord's right to terminate your possession of the premises under this notice, unless the Landlord agrees in writing to continue the lease in exchange for receiving less than the full payment.

$2625 doesn't seem like much for a storefront.   Especially since I've heard of at least three instances of Ron ripping people off for that amount or more in the last week or two.   What does he spend his money on?

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