Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Lombard Plumbing and Supply - Ron Janus' New Scam

This is the third person to contact me about Ron Janus' treachery in the past week alone.  Either my site is getting really popular or Ron is getting extra scummy.  Anyway, apparently word has gotten out on the Private Sewer and Water Corp so Ron is trying a new tactic. 

 First of all, great job on the website. People need to be warned of this predator and protect themselves from this criminal. The main reason I'm writing is to let you know that he is at it again and people need to be aware. We all know about Private Sewer and Water. As of November 2nd, he has now been evicted from his third location. Now he is in the process of trying to open a new business in downtown Lombard, IL. He is opening a retail store for plumbing supplies and residential plumbing services (for anyone who may be interested in hiring a unlicensed, uninsured, unbonded plumber). The new name of the scam, I mean business is...Lombard Plumbing and Supply and is located at 9 South Park Avenue Lombard, IL. He is also continuing to run Private Sewer out of this location because he has nowhere else to go. All of his machines have been repossessed and he now has to resort to borrowing equipment because no one will rent or sell him anything due to his payment history. I know all of this information because I was hired to do a majority of the rehab work in this new building on Park Avenue and surprise, surprise, after I completed the work...Ron was nowhere to be found to pay me. He refuses to answer phone calls or texts and is a coward, thief, and mainly a drain on society.

 At the very least, the good thing about Ron opening this new "business" in Lombard is that he should now be relatively easy to find for the hundreds of people he has wronged and the others he owes money and services to.  Especially since he drives around in that pink Private Sewer van and parks it in front of his new store. I added a pic at the bottom of this email.

  I hope this info helps and keeps at least one person from getting manipulated and scammed by this loser.

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