Friday, March 20, 2015

Another Private Sewer and Water Victim Chimes in

Another guy that Ron has ripped off joined in on the Facebook thread  where Ron agreed to repay the money he had taken from me.

Other Guy: Curios if you ever got your money. He has been telling me the same thing for 6 months. Would lie right to your face.
 March 20 at 4:05am
Me: No. He asked me to send him an ePayment request, which I did. He acknowledged receiving it and said he would get on it. He has not, nor has he responded to a text in the almost two weeks since then. I don't know why I thought he would do the right thing for a change.
 March 20 at 9:12am
The Private Sewer and Water Corporation: You two should go on a date together!!! Lol! Seriously though, yes Mike I did get the request and I'll do it Monday when I'm back in town. I don't know if the request expires so maybe send me a new one over the weekend. Thanks.

Another Private Sewer and Water Victim Chimes In
Notice how there is no explanation from Ron on why he didn't take care of it a week ago when he first got the payment request.  Also, I'm pretty sure he could take care of it where ever he is. The nice thing about ePayments is you can take care of them from any smartphone.

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