Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Ron Pretends He Didn't Get The EPayment Request

I sent Ron a second epayment request yesterday, like Ron asked, and let him know that I did so.  No response from him.  I followed up again today and claims I never sent it.  So I sent a third request.  I also let him know that the first was still valid so he could still use that if the second or third didn't make it through.

Ron Janis Still Won't Pay What he Owes

I sent the second and third requests to the exact same email address that I sent the first one, which he acknowledged receiving.   He's out of excuses now.   He's admitted to owing me money, admitted to receiving the payment request, and yet he has not acted on it.  I'm curious to see what other stalling tactics he can employ at this point.  I'm pretty sure he is out of excuses.

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