Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Yet Another BBB Complaint Against Ron Janis and the Private Sewer and Water Corp.

The Private Sewer and Water Corp made it almost three months without registering another BBB complaint.  That's like a new record for them.  In an interesting twist Ron actually responded to this complaint.

Here's the full complaint:
BBB Complaint Against Private Sewer and Water

Paid this company up front to perform pluming and concrete work. It was a 4 day job and 6 weeks later we can't get the owner to finish the job.

The owner tells us everyday he will have a grew at the location and no one ever shows up. He cashed the check and started the job and never completed it. The diveway is al torn up and we have no front step to get into the house.
Desired Settlement
$ 2,500 or complete the work.
Business Response 
They did pay us half down and yes, we cashed the check and started the job - normal business practice. Since then, we have completed at least half of the work and are in the process of finishing the last of it. The time frame extension is strictly due to bad weather and additional work requested and authorized by *****. The only issue we will have to acknowledge is ensuring there is no problem with final payment upon completion. This has been a lingering problem at their house for years, now time is of the essence? I know it's frustrating but it is what it is.

Consumer Response 
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
This was a four day job and we are into week 7. That's right WEEK 7. Every time we ask when he will come back and finish it becomes one lie after another. ***, when are you going to finish this job?

So lets review....

This story seems pretty familiar.  Ron starts a job, accepts payment for the job and then disappears.  He does the whole promising to show up bit and then just not.

Ron Janis's response is telling.  He left his customer with at torn up driveway and no front step for over a month and his response is basically "what is your hurry" and "are you still going to give me more money?"  Any honest business man would have completed the job by now, or offered a refund or at least offered to complete it as soon as possible.  Not Ron though. He doesn't care about inconveniencing his customers.  He'll get to it when he feels like it.  As long as he already has his money, it doesn't really matter to him.

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