Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Ron Janis Finds a New Way to Screw Someone Over

Yet another negative Yelp review for the Private Sewer and Water Corp.  I think this one is for just general negligence and not being accountable for his actions.

I don't even think this company Ron runs should be on business if you can't trust the person  who runs it. His truck full of mud  or crap driving on the highway hit my cat and put a dent and scratched  the paint off. I called him and he first accused  me of wanting to fix something I already had. First red  flag. Second he asked me to send him a picture and get him the paper work from an estimate. Sure thing I did what he said.  Now he is not returning  my calls, or txts.   His FB page contains a comment about him being a lier and plain a bad business guy...just not right.  He is a guy with no integrity whatsoever. My insurance will have to deal with his so called business.  Don't hire this guy to do your work.  Hire someone  you can actually trust, but now that I think of it.  He deals with shit because  he is one.

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