Monday, June 1, 2015

Private Sewer and Water Posts Fake Reviews on Yelp

I've long suspected this, but now it is confirmed.  And hilarious.  I went to the Private Sewer and Water page on Yelp today to see what kind of other scams they've been pulling and I was greeted with the following warning:

The text reads:

Consumer Alert
A number of positive reviews for this business originated from the same IP address. Our automated recommendation software has taken this into account in choosing which reviews to display, but we wanted to call this to your attention because someone may be trying to artificially inflate the rating for this business.

So rather than treat his customers fairly Ron Janis has decided to fake good reviews. I was wondering why the fake good reviews suddenly stopped and now I know.  They must have alerted him that they were on to him.   I  figured he was giving his customers discounts in exchange for good reviews, but it looks like he didn't even do that.  I guess if he did that he would actually have to follow through and provide good service.

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