Friday, April 3, 2015

Still no Activity from Private Sewer and Water. One Last Chance

So its been over a month since Ron agreed to return some of the money that he took from me without actually doing any work. Since then he's essentially ignored all follow up requests.  I've had enough so I'll give him one more chance before I fill out reviews on whatever sites I haven't already hit.  I text him one last time:

Me: Last chance. Where is my money?
Ron:  Last chance, like or else?
First time he's actually responded to a test in a month.  What a douche.

Me: So you do get text messages.
Ron:  On this phone yes.
I've sent him numerous texts to this phone in the last month and he hasn't responded since confirming that he received an ePayment request from me.

Me:  So are you returning the money or we just going to play games?

No response from Ron.  I guess its back to games.

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