Friday, April 10, 2015

Ron Janis Fails to Call. Again. Wants contract to return money he stole.

Ron was supposed to call me this morning to work on getting the money that he agreed to repay me over a month ago.  As expected he did not call.  Big surprise.

On the way home from work I gave him a call to remind him that he's a liar, and to explain that he doesn't need my help to complete the payment.  Its simple.  Even my computer illiterate father can do it.

He actually returned my call almost immediately.

He claims that he had a check all ready to go (from a different bank than he told me yesterday) but then his attorney told him that he saw all the things I said about him online and that he should have me sign something to say that I won't say anything bad about him in the future. He goes on about getting notarized, or not getting notarized, and then that he likes me and has nothing against me and I'm a stand up guy, and he likes my in-laws and yadda yadda yadda.

Then he asks if I would be willing to sign something saying I would take down my reviews and that if I violate that his lawyer is going to come after me and on and on.

The whole thing is a load of crap. He's stalling again.  He could have done this a month ago if he was serious.  I don't really care at this point.   I told him I'd sign it.  He said he'd call me on Saturday or Monday which I called BS on.  He wanted to bet me on whether or not he'd call.  I know he's not going to call but he's also not going to pay up when he loses.

There's also nothing I've said online that isn't 100% true. I've repeatedly offered to correct any misinformation in my reviews and Ron has never taken me up on it because he knows its true.  He just doesn't want anyone else to know it.

So now we're waiting for some sort of contract or whatever.

Think about how ridiculous this is.  What company screws over their customer and then admits to it and rather than bending over backwards to make things right, tries to cover their ass?   Dishonest companies like the Private Sewer and Water Corp.  That's who.

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