Monday, April 6, 2015

Negative Review for Private Sewer and Water

I submitted a review for Private Sewer and Water Corp on tonight.  I hadn't before because it seemed like a low quality site that I can't imagine many people use so why bother.  But Ron has been spamming it with fake positive reviews in an attempt to bury some of the other negative reviews that he has received.

I figured if he's paying that much attention then maybe it will piss him off a bit to see my post.  

I did find something interesting though.  One of the other guys who went on an epic rant about how Ron screwed him and bounced checks updated his review to say that he still hadn't been reimbursed for what was owed. His post went back to the top.  So I'm going to edit my post every week or so to make sure it stays relevant.

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