Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Ron Janis Allegedly Hits on Customer's Mom

Ron took down the reviews section of the Private Sewer and Water Corporations Facebook page since they had gotten so bad.   Even though I failed to screenshot them at the time, I was able to find one of the juicier ones on another review site.

I found this on citysearch.com from Patrick W.  I'm fairly certain that this guy had left positive comments on the facebook page originally then had to go back and remove them after he realized that Ron was only going to do half the job  and steal the rest of the money.

This review sounds pretty similar to mine, minus the part where he hits on the dude's mom.  Thankfully my mother wasn't around when Ron was here.

Ron is a Lying thriving conman of the worst kind. He lied to my face, hit on my mother and took us for $2000! Called him over 20 times talked to him 12 times and every time he made an excuse or didn't show up when he said he would costing days of work having to stay home to wait for no shows. May god have mercy on your soul Ron.

Hitting on your customers. Classy.

The other frustrating thing is how little Ron respects other people's times.  We've rearranged our schedules countless times to accommodate him and he still can't be bothered to show up.  This poor guy takes off work so Ron can finish the job and again Ron no-shows.  Not only does he waste the guy's time, but he forces him to burn vacation or PTO for no reason.  It doensn't matter though because he got his money.

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