Friday, December 26, 2014

Private Sewer and Water Facebook Page Back Online

After a week Ron finally got his Facebook page back online.  Its my fault.  I had been so busy that I hadn't taken screenshots of all the negative reviews that Private Sewer and Water had been racking up.  I figured Ron had either taken the page down because he couldn't figure out how to make the reviews go away and it was making him look really bad, or he tried taking them down and accidentally took down the whole site instead.

I was hoping that it was the former and he would put the page back online, at least for a bit just to spite me.  That way I could get the exact text of the reviews and commentary rather than paraphrasing from memory.

Alas he figured out how to remove the reviews section.  He just wasn't smart enough to test the site from an external user's view.

We did have an interesting text exchange though.

Me:  Aww, you took down your FB page.  How are people supposed to know if you are lying or if you are really going to show up when you say you will?
Me: Speaking of which, where is my money?
Ron: Whooops! I accidentally unpublished it! Thanks for the heads up!
Ron: In keeping with the spirit of Christmas why don't we settle this thing once and for all and enjoy the New Year.
Me: I'd love to settle this but all I get from you are excuses, lies and empty promises. You tell me how you think you're going to resolve it
No Response after that. Just more BS from Ron.

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