Saturday, December 20, 2014

More People Scammed by Private Sewer and Water Corp,and they take down their Facebook Page

There has been a lot of drama over at the Private Sewer and Water Corporation Facebook page in the past few weeks.  Unfortunately December has been pretty busy for me so I haven't had the time to document it and now it might be too late.  I'll do the best I can from memory.

First, you'll recall some relatively friendly banter between Ron and a reviewer that gave him two stars.  She was wanting to know when the job would be finished. He gave her the usual BS about sometime later in the week.  She accepted and said she would hold him to it.  That date came and went and there wasn't an update.  I assume Ron never showed up. If he had I think he would have pushed her to change the review. Or at least commented on it again.  My guess is that he fed her another line of BS on the day that he was supposed to show up and they are at a stalemate.

That was largely uneventful.  The real drama came when Ron picked up three more 1 star reviews.  It stared when a couple of people started commenting on in the thread of a much older review about how much of a liar Ron is.  How he continually just lies to your face.  Then one person in the thread commented on how they were going to take the Private Sewer and Water Corporation to court.  And then another guy asked if anyone knew where Ron lived because he'd be willing to sit outside his house with a sign.

Then the Facebook page was taken offline for about a day.

When it came back there were two more reviews.

One I am almost positive came from a guy that had previously left glowing remarks on one of Ron's brag posts.  I remember because it was one of the days when Ron said he'd finish my job. Instead he posted a brag about someone else's and the customer added a comment about how great Ron is.

Well turns out Ron was only great until he go his money.  The guy gave him a 1 star review and said that Ron stole over $2000 from him, hit on his mother, and lied to his face. Once again, I have to reiterate that under no circumstances should you pay Ron Janis or the Private Sewer and Water Corp until they have completed the job.  They will steal your money.

As if that wasn't enough, yet another reviewer left a 1 star review commenting that he had taken days off of work and Ron and simply not showed up.   How disrespectful of people's time can you be where they take time out of their jobs to accommodate you and you can't even show the decency to show up?  Well, that is what you get when dealing with Ron Janis.

Finally, a bit of an odd review some guy left a  three star review saying he was undecided, and listing his phone number and contact info to follow up.   It was almost like hearing one side of a phone conversation.  Very weird.  I think it was a threat/warning to Ron that he was waiting on the results of a scheduled appointment before finishing the review.

So a lot of people found Ron's Facebook page this month.  Or Ron has just been screwing over people more regularly.   In any case, Ron took the page down.  At least I assume he took it down in an attempt to silence his critics.  I consider that a small victory.  Now he doesn't have Facebook to use for propaganda.  Another possibility is that he went out of business and shut it down.  Although i don't know how he could go out of business while getting paid for so many jobs that he doesn't actually do.   That seems like a good business model.  Take money, don't do work.


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