Monday, October 27, 2014

Monday Morning No Show by Private Sewer & Water

If you go back to last Thursday, you'll remember that Ron Janis said he would show up first thing in the morning today.  As of 10:00 AM we haven't heard from him.  I texted him stating that he was late and that we have other things to do today besides wait for him.  No response.

At 10:30 I posted on the Private Sewer and Water Facebook page.

Hey Ron.  You said you would be at my house first thing this morning, no games.  We haven't heard from or seen you yet.  We have other things to do today besides wait around and hope you actually show up.  What is your ETA?

At 11:00 he had deleted the comment, but still not showed up.  I post the following:

 So  you saw the message and deleted it, but didn't respond.  Does that mean you aren't coming after all?  I'd be shocked if this wasn't at least the 20th time this has happened.  The complaint to the City of Berwyn goes in the mail at Noon if you haven't shown up by then.


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