Saturday, October 31, 2015

More Activism Against the Private Sewer and Water Corp.

Ron Janis has made a lot of people angry.  You can tell by the vast number of complaints on the BBB site, the negative reviews on Yelp and other review sites, the complaints on the Private Sewer and Water Corp Facebook page (before he took down the reviews section that is).

Different people have reacted to his scams in different ways. Once they realize he's a scumbag and not going to do right by them they resort to one of the few avenues they have left.  Things like the review sites mentioned above and the courts.  I'll get into the legal side of it some other time.  Personally,  I started this blog as a result of his scams.   I had already started writing down all of the lies that he spewed so I figured why not just publish them.   I hoped that if his tactics were publicly exposed in a forum that he had no control over that it would persuade him to be a better citizen.  Alas he has no shame and continues with his behavior.

Another fellow victim has taken a rather creative route.  Here's a post from James at Yelp.  James has contacted me a few times with stories of his adventures in dealing with Ron.  I applaud his effort.

The grammar isn't the best but you get the point:

now it is end of Oct and this company still has not reimbursed me what they has now been over a year to get the money owed me
A few weeks ago I put a sign in back window of my car saying before you call The Private Sewer & Water Co  to call me(I put my home phone) and I have a long story of lies and excuses, then I put  .COM address to check "THE PRIVATE SEWER & WATER CO SCAMMED ME" also "YELP", so far I have had eleven calls. One person called me back and thanking me for the info, he also said he called a plumber who knew all about Ron Janis and the crooked things he has been pulling  this looks like he will be losing jobs
Wallmart parking lots are the best place to park to solicit phone calls

Kudos to you James for being willing enough to  give out your home number.  And I if I read that correctly, thanks for helping promote the site.  If you want to send me an email with any of the stories or lies or excuses that you've heard I'd be happy to publish them here.

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