Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Back to His Old Tricks

I guess I jumped the gun when I suggested that the lack of recent BBB complaints for the Private Sewer and Water Corp. meant that Ron Janis may have turned over a new leaf.  I found that there is a second Yelp page dedicated to the Private Sewer and Water corp with a slightly different address.  I suspect this is intentional to split and dilute negative feedback.  Regardless on this other page I found the following.

The review reads:

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!  THEY STEAL FROM YOU. None of their addresses listed are current either, they probably do not pay their rent. Addison, Elmhurst, and Villa Park are all abandoned.  Unfortunately my husband had given Ron money upfront, before I was able to look at anything. We looked him up after Ron cashed our check FIVE MINUTES after he left our house.  He is a liar, cheat, thief and all around terrible excuse of a human being. My husband called him 40 times and sent 20 messages before Ron answered.   For MONTHS (since May) he has been saying "tomorrow". We are in jeopardy of losing our house because of our septic tank leaking into the storm sewers. And Ron stole from us.  A family of 4, with 2 small kids, making less than 100k a year with a 40k septic problem.  This man should be rotting in jail.

This kind of makes you sick doesn't it?  Sure Ron ripped me off for a couple thousand dollars, and while I don't have thousands of dollars to waste it wasn't the of the world.  I'll survive.  It looks like he took these poor people for 40K?  Or left them in a 40K hole.  40K is a lot.  Most people don't have that kind of cash laying around to piss away on scumbag contractors.

It seems as though he's gone beyond just petty theft now.   Maybe he's getting desperate for money and is upping the stakes.  Its somewhat ironic I guess.  If he hadn't ripped me off I would have referred him to at least 4 large jobs in my neighborhood.  He could have earned 40K from that by actually doing work.  Then maybe Ron wouldn't have had to resort to this.

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