Friday, February 6, 2015

Ron Janis and the Private Sewer and Water Corp Earn Another Negative Review

Ron is at it again,  earning himself another negative review on City  See the screenshot below.  I'm not going to copy the text itself because its in all caps.  (Insert joke about old people an technology here...)

This one is especially egregious  He starts with the customary take money for a job and then don't show up to finish the job bit.  Then the customer actually gets Ron to show up to finish the job.  Normally you would think this is a good thing.  But Ron somehow manages to convince him that he needs even more money to finish the job.  The poor guy is so desperate to put this behind him that he agrees.

Later he finds out that Ron has paid for the concrete that he used with an NSF check and the concrete company threatened a lien on the customers house if he didn't make up the difference.

Private Sewer and Water Negative Review

Liza Madigan is the Illinois Attorney General for those of you not from Illinois.

Now on the one hand I'm not sure this story is accurate.  The review mentions that Ron had a secretary which I doubt. He would have to pay her and we all know Ron isn't good at that.  Also I would think that she would have answered the phone at least once out of the hundreds of times I called.  But maybe she is new or Ron shares space with a company that has a secretary.

Also, I don't think the concrete company would come after the customer rather than the Private Sewer and Water Corp, unless they were either in on the scam, or they knew that Ron was a deadbeat and they would never get their money back from him.

That being said, the rest of the story sounds like it is right out of the Ron Janis playbook so I'm inclined to believe that it is mostly true.

I'll be checking the BBB site for this guy's complaint. It might be hard to find among the rest of the complaints, but I'm sure I can figure it out.

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