Sunday, August 21, 2016

Ron Janis Mug Shot

I received this screenshot via email a while ago.  Finally got around to posting it.  Looks like Ron's shenanigans are finally starting to catch up to him.


  1. this theif still has not paid me what her owes, over $2000.00
    I still am getting phone calls thanking me for that sign I have in my car(Menards is the best place to park)
    I received a letter from Checkbook asking for reviews about companies I have hired----boy are the going to get an earful whenthey read my review

  2. here it is March 13,2018 and still no money which is owed to me for over 2years which is over $2000. he is probably sitting in jail for all the shenanigans he has pulled on his customers. Well I am now getting my revenge--he should sit there a few years. I wished I would have kept a list from all the potential customers who read my reviews and seen the sign in my car. I sure hope this helps you to steer clear of this jailbird before you are scammed like me and many others