Saturday, January 9, 2016

Another Unanswered BBB Complaint for the Private Sewer and Water Service

I've been slacking in my monitoring of the Private Sewer and Water Corp, and Ron Janis' shenanigans recently.  The holidays have been busy and frankly I've had better things to do that track down all the crap Ron has pulled.

So I missed this latest BBB complaint that showed up back in November.  Once again Ron didn't bother to respond.  I'm guessing when its this obvious that he's in the wrong there isn't much he could say to help matters.

BBB Complaint against The Private Sewer and Water Corp.

The complaint reads as follows.  An all too familiar story for those of us that have had the misfortune of dealing with Ron.

Complaint: The week of August 14, 2015, Mr. ***** replaced a broken pipe in our front lawn after a sewer back up. He completed the plumbing work and repaired the lawn as agreed. After I paid him in full by personal checks, he said he messed up an forgot to ask me for an additional $1,000 for a bond from the Village to complete the sidewalk. He assured me the additional $1,000 would be retuned in one month after the sidewalk was complete. I agreed but asked for an agreement in writing showing that I paid in full and my $1,000 would be returned when work on sidewalk was complete. He wrote up an agreement and I signed two copies. I was told I could keep both copies. I found it odd that he didn't want a copy for his files. I didn't realize until after his representative left that the two copies had different amounts on them--one with the actual amount and one with a greater amount. When weeks went by and many phone calls later and the work was not completed, I became suspicious. I went to the Village to check on the bond. They informed me that they had nothing on file for our address. I called Mr. ***** and asked for a copy of the bond or receipt which he claimed he had received from the Village since they had no record. He said he had a copy. Of course, I never received it. He claimed to have been out of town for four weeks and was very busy. I was very frustrated by this time and asked the Village to replace the sidewalk. The missing sidewalk became a safety hazard for the children walking to school and for my husband, who is 85 and has Alzheimer's. Before the sidewalk was replaced, my husband went for a walk in the neighborhood and fell. He had to be hospitalized. I sent Mr. ***** a photo of my husband in his hospital bed with his apparent injuries from his fall, but this did not move him to complete the sidewalk. After many calls and texts from both myself and my handyman who referred him to us, he refuses to return my $1,000 and $287.50 that I paid the Village to replace the sidewalk. All of our call and texts are documented. When Mr. ***** began the sewer repair, he was almost shut down because he did not get a permit. An inspector came and he went to the Flagg Creek Water Reclamation district for a permit dated 8/14/15. However, Mr. ***** used another plumbers name as the Permittee on that permit. I sent a letter to my attorney explaining all of this. He sent a letter to Mr Janis, but got no response. All I request from Ron ***** of Private Sewer and Water Corp. is my $1,000 retuned and the $287.50, the cost for replacing the sidewalk.

Desired Settlement: $1,000 owed to me per our agreement dated 8/19/2015 and $287.50, the cost I paid to the Village to replace two sections of sidewalk.

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