Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Private Sewer and Water Modus Operandi

Some interesting things occurred tonight.  Some guy posted a comment on my Facebook review of Private Sewer and Water Corp.  He said he's getting screwed too and posted his contact info because he might be able to help me out.  Its weird because Ron hid the reviews on his page after he got a bunch of negative reviews last week.

Turns out if you search a little harder you can find people's reviews.  This dude had posted the  confusing three star review I mentioned a few weeks ago.   So I did a little more digging and I found this on Google's cache of the Private Sewer and Water Page:

Private Sewer And Water Actually gets a Good Review

Its a 5 star review on 8/2/14.  I remember when this review originally showed up because Ron was blowing off a scheduled appointment at my house to do this job.  The review reads:

Thank you guys a million!!! The Jetting worked great!  Just in time for the baby shower tomorrow.  Ron, Sam, Eric and Anthony were incredibly professional and down to earth.  It is as if they were already family.  They have the bug picture knowledge and addressed every question to a T.  Can't say enough good thing about this company.  Outstanding work guys!!!!

Pretty nice right?  Doesn't sound anything like the lying conniving thieving Ron Janis that I know.

Then Ron Janis Shows his True Colors. 

 If you go to the guy's Facebook page now and find the review of the Private Sewer and Water Corp you get this:

Note this is an updated review from above.
Ron is a Lying thieving conman of the worst kind.  He lied to my face, hit on my mother and took us for $2000!  Called him over 20 times talked to him 12 times and every time he made up and excuse or didn't show up when he said he would costing days of work having to stay home to wait for no shows.  May god have mercy on your soul Ron

So here you have a customer that was so pleased with their service that he wrote a 5 star review.  You would think that Ron would go out of his way to make this guy happy.  Especially since he is helping to combat all of the negative reviews that Ron has been getting from so may other people.  At least that's what I would do.

Not Ron Janis though.  He'll apparently just use his loyal customers as a free money source and scam them.  Its almost the exact same thing that happened to me.  You think they are doing a good job, and you're happy with the service and so you pay them for the full amount of the project.  And then Bam!  You never see him again.

The Private Sewer and Water Scam

So this is the scam:
  • Find someone in an emergency situation.  This way they don't have many options and can't shop around or check up on you.
  • Solve their immediate problem. Make them trust you.
  • Get the customer to pay for a number of additional services.  
  • Keep the money and run
  • Keep telling the customer that you are going to finish the job.  Schedule a time if you have to, just never show up.  
I'm sure they've been doing this for years and the internet if finally catching up with them, or if for some reason Ron is short on cash and is trying to make it up through nefarious means.  Either way there's an increasingly large number of people that are making it known publicly how much of a con artist Ron Janis is.

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