Wednesday, August 13, 2014

I Contact Ron Janis about the BBB Complaint

Ron Janis and the Private Sewer and Water Corp have still not responded to my complaint.  If they don't respond soon the BBB will close it and mark that Private Sewer and Water did not respond.  That would be bad for both of us.  Its bad for Ron because it make his business look bad and lowers their already poor BBB grade.  Its bad for me because I was hoping that Ron would not want it to be publicly know how poorly he has treated me as a customer and the threat of negative publicity would incentivise him to complete the project that is now way overdue.

So giving Ron the benefit of the doubt I called him to make sure he had an opportunity to respond.  Ron actually answered the phone which is a first.  I must have caught him off guard.  I asked him if he was going to respond to the complaint and he said he hadn't received it but he would check his spam folder, or I could email him the complaint number.  If I was willing to take down my negative feedback from Facebook then he would finish the job right away.

There are a couple of telling things from this conversation.

  1. Ron didn't receive the complaint.  I doubt this.   There are email threads on the BBB site with him addressing other BBB complaints.  If he changed his business email address and didn't set up the old account to forward to him then I question his business intellect.
  2. He says that in exchange for taking down negative feedback he will finish my job immediately.  He had over five months to complete the job before he had received negative feedback. There was no urgency then.  The fact that he might drop everything now to complete it is somewhat appalling.  The fact that he let it get to this point says a lot about his priorities.  Paying customers apparently don't rank too high.

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